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BUSINESS SUMMIT - Pacific Alliance

BUSINESS SUMMIT - Pacific Alliance
June 7, 2015
As part of the activities of the Tenth Summit of the Pacific Alliance, held in Paracas, Ica, Peru, the Heads of State of Chile, Michelle Bachelet of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto and Peru Ollanta Humala attended today in the "Pacific Alliance: Future Vision" panel at the Third Business Summit "Leading the growth"
Panel leaders of the Pacific Alliance was moderated by the President of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno. Before an audience of over 400 people, including entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior government officials, media and delegates from the participating countries, the leaders highlighted several issues of education, innovation and entrepreneurship, financial integration and promoting investments.
The Pacific Alliance integrates the trading block with one of the best future prospects in the region and that is the international prestige achieved, which has captured the interest of countries on five continents. That is why currently totaling 32 observer states and tomorrow the Presidents announced at the X Summit to the new members of that segment.
The link with the business sector is of particular importance for the Pacific Alliance therefore, a close work is done with the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (APEC). This was incorporated on August 29, 2012, in Mexico City; It is composed of senior businessmen from the four countries. Among its objectives it is to make recommendations on the integration process promoted by the AP; suggesting joint actions to third markets, particularly the Asia-Pacific region; and make recommendations to the business associations of the four countries, related to the areas of cooperation as the Board deems appropriate.
The Pacific Alliance is a regional integration process comprised of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, established on 28 April 2011. It brings together a population of 216 million people with a GDP of $ 2.1 trillion which represents 38% Product of Latin America. The four countries of the region account for 52% of exports from Latin America and the Caribbean with the world and together represent the eighth world economy.